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Yepa 新思路教育2011.2 人教版新课标高中英语必修1重点词汇,短语,句子复习 必修一. M1 Unit 1 重点单词 upset ignore tip friendship nature thunder cheat share series dare power trust suffer quiz survey situation habit loose gossip grateful highway culture spirit community selfish recover understand favorite settle background discover entirely point experience solve 重点短语 calm down be concerned about make a list of be crazy about according to get along with fall in love try out add up share sth. with sb. go through a series of on purpose join in communicate with face to face happen to do at dusk stay away set down hide away laugh at go on holiday walk the dog live in peace get tired of 12BET亚洲,重点句子 I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. 在遛狗时,你不小心让狗挣脱了绳子,结果狗被车撞了。 I’m only able to look at nature through dirty curtains It’s no pleasure It’s a good habit for you to keep a diary. She found it difficult to settle and… 你想有一位无话不谈、能推心置腹的朋友吗? 我记得非常清楚,曾有一段时间,湛蓝的天空、鸟儿的歌唱、月光和鲜花,从未使我心醉神迷过。 … nature is one thing I’d seen the night face to face. 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚。 7. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. 必修一. M1 Unit 2 1 第1/4页
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